Men’s Skinmesh II Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer


We believe what’s good enough for professionals is good enough for you. This sleeveless mesh base layer is the ideal undergarment for maintaining a constant skin temperature through its ability to trap the air between the skin and jersey.


Our Skinmesh super-lightweight mesh base layers are the ideal undergarments for maintaining a constant skin temperature in a wide variety of weather conditions. From hot Summer days to cooler Spring or Autumn conditions, this sleeveless version is the perfect undergarment to help the body maintain a more consistent skin temperature around the torso. It’s ability to trap the air between your skin and jersey reduces the heat transfer between you and the outside world. To put it simply, it will stop you getting too hot when the temperature is high and prevent you getting too cold in cooler weather. Constructed from a new silky smooth, super high stretch, sweat wicking lightweight mesh fabric, this slightly compressive base layer wraps perfectly around the upper body. Thus enabling moisture to be moved rapidly away from all areas of the skin and providing a barrier between your torso and any wet/cool jersey. In response to customer feedback our new mesh base layer is now available in three sizes, which now cover all jersey sizes from SML to 3XL. If you haven’t tried one of these garments before, we recommend you do. After being worn for a few rides, you will wonder how you ever managed without one!


  • High elasticity, sweat wicking fabric
  • Compressive ergonomic fit covering sizes SML to 3XL
  • Mesh structure fabric to trap air and reduce two-way heat transfer
  • Highly wicking fabric to quickly remove sweat away from the skin
  • Super lightweight
  • Machine washable

For our full sizing guide, click here.