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road cyclist wearing D2D cycling clothingMany cycling brands have emerged from simple ideas and our story is no different. The idea behind D2D started with a small group of cyclists out on the rolling roads and inside the cafés of the Peak District National Park. The main topic of conversation at the time was the increasingly silly prices of high quality road cycling clothing. After hundreds of miles and countless cups of tea a conclusion was reached. We were all paying more for the maintenance of the brand we were all wearing, rather than the actual clothing itself. After much discussion and debate it was agreed that with the correct business approach, set up and growth plan, there could possibly be another way. Perhaps high quality cycling clothing could be sensibly priced and therefore be affordable to everyone? Project D2D was born!

We launched D2D in April 2014 with a limited number of summer products. Our approach was simple – high quality garments, sensible prices and fantastic customer service. All promoted with low cost ‘non-mainstream’ advertising. Our belief was that with a little patience the business model and brand would sell itself and render the need for expensive promotion surplus to requirements. Since our launch customer response has surpassed all expectations and we have quickly grown to what you see before you on the website today. As a result of this, we are as convinced as ever that there is indeed ‘another way’.

From conception to current day, every effort is made to cut out unnecessary business and branding costs that would raise the prices of our clothing. Our top priorities are quality, customer service and value for money. We rely heavily on customer recommendations and small scale advertising to sell and grow the brand, not mainstream media promotion or costly sponsorship agreements. We also only sell direct to the public. There is no online retailer adding a significant percentage onto our costs. Therefore, if you’re tired of paying a fortune for cycling clothing then perhaps we can help!

Of course, we won’t be able to please every single customer all of the time. Sometimes, one simply does not like the feel of a product, or how it looks on them. After all, cyclists come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, we guarantee a 21 day full refund on any garments for any reason*. In addition to this, we aim to process refunds and exchanges on the day we receive them. You will not be left waiting very long for a different size garment or your money back.

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In addition to this website we also have operate an eBay shop. Click on the buttons below to access the shop or look at our eBay feedback.

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