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It can’t be just us that think the cost of road cycling clothing has reached rather silly levels? Well, here at D2D our sole aim is to challenge this and provide high quality road bike clothing at sensible prices. Whereas many brands appear to charge as much money as they can get away with, our philosophy is somewhat different. We endeavour to do the complete opposite, trying always to price our cycling clothing as low as possible. We only sell our cycling clothing directly to the public, thereby removing the expensive online retailers who often add a very significant mark up to the price of the garments they sell. When it comes to advertising, we are somewhat ‘tight fisted’, preferring to keep costs down and relying the old fashioned approach of happy customers spreading the word. A first-class level of customer service comes as standard, backed up with an ever-increasing range of road bike clothing covering all sizes from SML to 4XL. Free UK delivery is available on all orders as well as first class and worldwide shipping. We are an approachable bunch. So, if you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions then feel free to get in touch. We really do listen!