Second Skin II Aero Cycling Gloves


Whether used for leisure, racing or time trials our Aero gloves provide a very comfortable, stylish and aerodynamic alternative to more bulky fingerless alternatives.

See our sizing guide for more information.


With their improved aero design and more vivid original coloured lycra fabric (not sublimated), our new Second Skin II Aero cycling gloves are a super comfortable and stylish alternative to the more standard but bulkier fingerless gloves.

Historically, aero gloves were only worn by time trialists or serious racers. However, with their sleek looks and strapless design, they are now becoming increasingly popular with leisure and sportive riders alike. With a thin, lightweight lycra back panel, padded Almara palm and strapless long cuff design, these gloves provide a incredibly lightweight, aerodynamic fit, whilst retaining all the grip comfort of standard fingerless mitts. Also, with no straps and velcro you can wipe your nose and wash your clothes in complete safety, which of course is an added bonus!


Second Skin II Aero Cycling Gloves Features

  • Padded Amara palm for comfort, strength and vibration protection
  • Original coloured lycra for vivid colour
  • Hi-stretch and breathable thin Lycra back panel
  • Strapless design
  • Aerodynamic long cuff
  • Super lightweight
  • Removal tabs

Palm width sizing:

Small <=8cm, Medium 8-9cm, Large 9-10cm, Extra large 10cm+ For our full sizing guide, click here.