Men’s pMax Short Sleeve Jersey

Original price was: £41.99.Current price is: £29.99.

Our pMax jersey is the perfect choice for those riders who sit above our 4XL+ sizing range, or those below it who seek a much looser fitting ‘plus size’ cycling jersey.


Our ‘p’ series jerseys have been specifically designed for larger riders who prefer a more relaxed or ‘comfort’ fit and were developed entirely through customer feedback, advice and testing. The range currently includes the p1S and p2R, both available in our D2D+ sizing of 2XL+, 3XL+ and 4XL+. For those above the 4XL+ size, or within the D2D+ size range who prefer a much ‘baggier’ jersey, we now have the new pMax. This comes in one size with its 54-inch chest, 56-inch waist and two types of lower hem, elasticated or loose.

Our pMax jersey is the perfect choice for riders who sit above our 4XL+ sizing range, or those below it who seek a much looser fitting plus size short sleeve jersey. Available with two different types of lower (waist/hip) hem choices, elasticated or loose, the pMax comes in a ‘one size’ option, with an unstretched chest size of 54 inch and unstretched waist of 56 inch. To ensure an excellent level of comfort and freedom of movement a super soft, breathable and highly wicking Coolmax fabric has been used for the 7 of the 8 main body panels of the jersey. The remaining panel, situated down the middle of the back, consists of a lightweight, large mesh, opaque Coolmax fabric to further enhance the jerseys breathability and prevent the build-up of sweat in the lower back area. Roomier and gripper-less sleeves retain the loose fitting nature of the jersey on the arms, and the choice of elasticated or non-elasticated lower hem gives a choice on how you would like the bottom of the jersey to wrap around the hips.

Note: The elasticated jerseys have a base colour of dark grey, with the non-elasticated black.


pMax Jersey Features

  • Very relaxed / ‘Comfort’ fit design
  • One size: unstretched chest 54 inch, waist 56 inch (loose lower hem version)
  • 2 different super lightweight, highly wicking and forgiving Coolmax fabrics
  • 8 separate body panels for enhanced ergonomic fit
  • Large mesh centre back panel for optimised ventilation and moisture control
  • Relaxed fit sleeves with ‘no-gripper’ sleeve cuffs
  • Full length zipper
  • Choice of elasticated and non-elasticated lower waist hem
  • Three back pockets
  • Reflective strip under rear pockets

Sizing Details:

  • Unstretched chest 54 inch, waist 56 inch (loose lower hem)
  • Elasticated lower hem (waist) version has a slightly reduced unstretched waist due to elastication
  • Both jerseys have the same underlying waist/hip circumference.