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Before the product update, we’d just like to say a quick thanks to all our customers for your continued support. This year has seen our biggest growth to date and as a result of this, we have continued to expand our product range. This summer has seen the release of many new products including our Classic III bib shorts, sleeveless mesh base layer, r1 jersey and Peloton bib shorts. All of which have appeared to be a resounding success. The feedback on these garments has been excellent and we sincerely hope that our new winter products are equally as successful.

So, what do we have coming up then? Well, in the next few weeks you can expect a new waterproof deep winter glove to complement our Neoprene and Lobster long fingered cold weather gloves. A week or two later should be our new water repellent Softshell jacket, similar in design and fit to our hugely successful Wintershield jackets, though they are slightly longer on the back. In addition to the new technical fabric, we’ve added a few extras such as a waterproof rear pocket, reflective strips and a tapered curved collar. It will also be available in Blue, which is a first for any of our jackets! Due to the fantastic feedback we’ve received about the 4D pads in our Aero and Peloton bib shorts, we’ve also decided to upgrade our 3/4 bib knickers with this pad and release a new Peloton bib knicker option. With a little good luck and a following wind, these should be out in the first few weeks of October. A little further into the future will be our new Classic III bib tights, Peloton bib tights and a super thick, warm thermal winter sock. We will also soon be testing a long sleeve version of our new lightweight sleeveless mesh base layer. We’re hoping that it may just be the perfect long sleeve jersey/jacket undergarment for autumn, spring or mild winter days, when a more thermal or ‘fleecy’ base layer is a little too much. If testing goes well, we may decide dig deep into the coffers and bring forward its launch from next spring. Although we can’t confirm prices yet we can promise one thing. They will all be ‘sensibly priced’ . . . . . . because if they weren’t, we simply wouldn’t sell them!!!

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  1. Superb site thankyou
    Please can we have more ladies cycling waterproof jackets in xxxl ? I cant buy them anywhere other than the USA

    1. Post

      Hi Jo. Thanks for the comment and your kind words. We are hoping to have the 3XL Hydroviz jackets back in stock in December. Cant give a specific date at the moment, but hopefully towards the beginning of the month. Hope that helps!

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