Gloves, socks and circulation!

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Well the seriously cold weather season is upon us and this has coincided with the release of our Cocoon gloves and Defcon1 winter socks. Both items have been designed to give the highest levels of winter protection for the extremities and the feedback we have had so far has been very favourable. However, in truth, the issue of cold fingers and feet is not something that can always be fully resolved. This is something we know all too well, as one of our team has a rather extreme case of Raynaud’s and spends half the summer in our Neoprene gloves! Unfortunately, genetics does have a major role to play here and it is something that we have been honest with in our product descriptions. Whilst we believe that the gloves and socks are some of the warmest you can buy, we’d be somewhat foolish to claim that they will solve everybody’s problems with cold fingers and toes. For some people, who’s circulation to the extremities ‘switches off’ at the slightest hint of cold air, even the warmest of gloves and socks will fail on occasion. Unfortunately, the circulation ‘switch off’ button is written in our own DNA and is the reason why you may often stare in disbelief at those cyclists who, with a nice smile on their face, ride along in freezing weather with finger-less gloves on!  Throw in the fact that work rate (or effort) on the bike is also a major factor, means that it’s not just about the glove or sock. Therefore, in our opinion (and that of our resident, cold fingered team member), shopping around spending a small fortune to solve this problem can be somewhat futile and often expensive! So, our intention with these two new releases was really simple. Provide a very serious but sensibly priced cold weather option for the hands and feet. Options that are up there with the warmest of gloves and socks on the market, but without the high price tag. Both the gloves and socks are available here on the website, or through our eBay store.

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