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Hey, were are now two years old! Happy birthday to us, but more importantly a massive thanks to all our customers and supporters. We are immensely grateful for all the support we have received over the past two years and given the response so far, it appears that our idea did have some legs after all.

ID2D (8) 800t is somewhat coincidental that upon our two-year anniversary we have just released our first men’s and women’s long sleeve jersey. We had many enquires asking us when we would be releasing such a product, so we hope we haven’t disappointed. We decided to develop a thick, close fitting, high performance Super Roubaix jersey that can be worn over a wide range of colder temperatures. We are aware that these types of jerseys are not cheap. Therefore, we decided to turn our full attention to them and see what we could come up with for a ‘sensible’ price! Due to the high wicking and super comfy Super Roubaix fabric the jersey can be worn with or without a long sleeve base layer. Also, as the jersey is constructed from thicker 240gsm Roubaix fabric, it is sufficiently dense enough to offer a reasonable level of wind protection. The result – a jersey that can be worn from chilly spring and autumn mornings to cold winter days. As for the jersey price, well we were not surprised to find the RRP’s of many brands starting at £50 and topping out at over £100. Our price, £44.99 with free UK P&P. Press here to take a look!

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