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Since the brand was launched a few years ago, we have always greatly appreciated our customer feedback and suggestions. Of course, being a smaller brand we do have time and financial limitations on what we can do and when. But whenever possible, we do try our best to meet our customer’s needs. Indeed, our fluoro jersey range, neoprene gloves, Lobster gloves, Windskin gilets and our recent EM Race Capes and Aero Bib Shorts have all been inspired by suggestions and discussions with our customers.


More recently however, we have tried to respond to some of the ‘fitting’ issues many riders have with certain garments and size options, not specifically with D2D, but with all brands in general. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and our feedback suggests that many brands do not cater very well for those cyclists who are at the ends of the sizing spectrum. Sadly, but not surprisingly, those that do cater often appear to charge a premium price. Therefore, we’ve decided to address this issue in the future and start to provide our garments in a range of options to meet the needs of such cyclists.


So, just last month we introduced an extra-long leg option with our Aero bib shorts for the tall/slim rider. From what we have heard from our customers, it does appear that many riders of this build often find it difficult to find a slimmer/smaller pair of bib shorts with enough length in the legs. If things go to plan, all of our future male and female bib shorts will have this extra length leg option in medium and large sizes.


Bib Short Aero 1Bib Short Aero 2


D2D Mens Jersey V2 Fluro AngleAlso, during the past week we launched a ‘comfort fit’ option with all of our 2XL and 3XL short sleeve jersey collection. Clearly there is a severe lack of choice for the larger rider, and it is perhaps no surprise that many of the larger brands end their sizing at 2XL and in some cases even XL! So our aim for the future is to provide all of our short and long sleeve jerseys, with a ‘comfort’ and ‘aero’ fit option in the larger sizes.



As we said earlier, we are a small brand and it will take time to implement these sizing options across our whole range. But it is now our firm intention to provide sensibly priced apparel for all shapes and sizes.

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