tall man bib shorts

Tall Man Bib Shorts

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Following on from the release of our extra-long Winterblock bib tights, we are now pleased to offer our TXL ‘tall man’ bib shorts. As a small independent company that does not sell through any large online retailers (just our website and eBay store), providing a somewhat ‘niche’ product is somewhat of a risky move. After all, we are not exactly a household name and stock sat on shelves going nowhere is not exactly going to help keep a roof above our heads. However, given the number of enquiries we’ve had from tall cyclists over the past year or two (which may possibly be due to the success of our D2D+ range of plus size cycling clothing), we listened and decided to go ahead and develop a few legwear options for the tall rider. Hopefully, with a decent following wind they will prove popular and if so, we may look to provide a few more garments for the taller cyclist. So, if you decide to give the shorts (or bib tights) a try and you are happy with the purchase, then please feel free to let others know. The more interest we get, the more inclined we’ll be to expand our small but growing range of cycling clothing for tall cyclists.

Finally, some may question why we haven’t released a ladies version of the TXL’s, or the extra-long Winterblock tights for that matter. Well, to be perfectly honest, we have never been asked about the possibly of providing ‘tall lady’ clothing. All of the enquires we’ve received have come from male cyclists and the simple reality is, that we have to take demand into consideration when developing any new products. We would love to tick every size and shape box across our range of apparel. However, as a smaller independent brand that tries to keep prices as low as possible and not spend significant amounts of income on advertising, we need to be somewhat mindful of where our new product investment goes.

Click here to view for our Tall Man Bib Shorts on the website, or here for eBay!

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