Men’s XLT Extra Long Bib Tights: Tallman


Our XLT bib tights are the latest addition to our ‘Tallman’ garment collection. Evolving from our highly successful extra-long Winterblocks, we have meticulously considered customer feedback, implemented refined sizing adjustments, and changed the overall design to present a pair of discrete, high performance bib tights that can handle the longest and coldest of winter rides.

Designed to fit riders with an inside leg up to 39in/99cm.


See our sizing guide for more information.


At the core our Tallman XLT bib tights is our renowned 4D seamless chamois pad, a rider-favourite that has withstood the test of time. Praised consistently by our customers, this pad sets the gold standard for comfort, fit, ventilation, and performance, ensuring you stay at your best throughout any ride, regardless of its length. Crafted from a premium, ultra-soft but compressive thermal Lycra fabric, the main body and leg components guarantee a luxurious and secure fit against your skin. The inner face features a brushed fleece layer that not only provides a cozy sensation but also traps and immobilizes a layer of air. This ingenious design creates an insulating barrier, warmed by your body heat, effectively shielding you from the chill of the outer air. To bolster upper body insulation and fortify against windchill, we’ve extended the insulating fleece fabric to the front-facing side of the bibs. The rear, on the other hand, features a super lightweight mesh that excels in moisture removal and breathability, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable even during intense rides. For a secure fit at the ankles, our bib tights employ silicone gripper cuffs and a zipped closure, guaranteeing they stay in place no matter how demanding the ride. To enhance visibility in low-light conditions, reflective trim encircles the ankle zips, providing an impressive level of visibility in low light conditions.

Men’s XLT ‘Tallman’ Bib Tights Features:

  • Extended straps and inseam to fit an inside leg of up to 39in/99cm
  • 4D Pro Stretch vented seamless chamois
  • Multi panel design for maximum comfort
  • Super soft, highly insulating fleeced Lycra fabric with high vertical stretch
  • Moisture wicking and highly breathable
  • Thermal fabric extended into the front of bib
  • Highly breathable mesh fabric rear bib
  • Zip closure around the ankle surrounded by reflective strips
  • Discrete and transfer free design
  • Silicone ankle gripper
  • Available from MED to 3XL

For our full sizing guide, click here.