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sofaWell hello, welcome to our new website and our first ever news item! After putting our hands down the back of the office sofa we found a few quid and decided to get Chris in from ‘Stone Creative’ to give the old website a makeover. So firstly a big thanks to him for his efforts and for doing such a wonderful job! We were hoping to launch a new website a couple of months ago. However, due to reasons we won’t go into at this time, we had to put back its development and launch until now. Nevertheless, it’s here now and we hope it’s to your liking. Please feel free to get in touch with any feedback you have about the site. Since our launch in April 2014 we have been immensely grateful for the customer feedback we have received about our clothing and customer service, so we see no reason why this should be any different for our website. Finally, we’ll be using a few photos from around where we are based for the background images on the site. If anybody out there has any images that they think may look nice on the site, then please feel free to send them in. We can’t promise we’ll use them, but you never know!

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