New Race/Rain Cape and a Heads Up!

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After what seems like an eternity, we’ve finally managed to release a new packable emergency jacket and just like buses, two have come along at once! This is because we’ve not only released a new standard version, the EM Rain-Race Cape, but also a ‘plus size’ version as part of our D2D+ collection, the EM+. We are especially pleased to offer this new plus size version as according to our customers they are as rare as hen’s teeth. Therefore, we hope they will be well received and prove popular. These types of capes/jackets are the perfect carry along emergency jacket that is easily packed down (into its own internal pocket) and carried in any rear jersey pocket. If the rain comes along or you get chilly, they can be thrown to keep you dry, warm or both. They also come in handy as a warm-up jacket that can be removed and packed away once you are up to your running temperature.

Whilst you are here, just a little heads up about another new jacket that will be going on sale soon, the Wintershield III! Our Wintershield jackets have been an extremely popular garment over the years and have consistently received excellent feedback. So much so that we have taken a ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude towards it, leaving the design untouched for a number of years. However, we thought it was now time to give it an upgrade and bring out a new version. Just like its predecessor it will be a windproof, thermal and water resistant softshell, but we have had the crayons and measuring tape out and tweaked the design, sizing and fit. We’ve also replaced the softshell fabric with a more stretchable and forgiving one, like used with our D2D+ cMax and ColdStop II jackets. Therefore, customers will now be able to ‘size down’ for a more ‘aero fit’ or go with the size chart for a standard ‘club’ fit. With a good following wind, the jackets should be available at the start of November.

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