Hi-vis Gloves Across the Range!

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If maximum visibility is your preference, then you may be pleased to hear that all of our cycling gloves now come with a hi-vis option! Of course, we’ve had a fluoro variation with our ‘Second Skin’ aero summer gloves and ‘Cocoon’ winter gloves for quite some time now. But as of now, we’re pleased to say that a ‘fluoro’ option is now available with both our ‘NEO-G’ (neoprene) and Lobster gloves. We’re also pleased to report that these latest additions are the same price as the other options, which incidentally, is the same price as they have been since they went on sale several years ago! Hopefully this demonstrates that our commitment to ‘sensibly priced’ cycling clothing is as strong as ever.

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  1. Have placed an order for the hi viz gloves – how nice to see hi-viz colour options and at sensible prices – both of which not available with the high brand/premium brands

    Looking forward to receive the delivery and use to determine the quality

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