Diamond encrusted cycling gloves!

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Over the past few months we’ve continued to expand and increase the range of products on offer. These products have included our new 4D padded ‘Peloton’ bib knickers, ‘Comfort’ socks, ‘Covert’ socks and most recently our ‘Second Skin’ Aero gloves. All of these products appear to have gone down well with customers as to date, as feedback has been entirely positive. Best of all, there hasn’t been a single return and refund so far. Of course, we’ve now enacted a certain law which now means one will drop through the letterbox tomorrow!


Anyhow, as you may well know, D2D are totally committed to providing very sensibly priced apparel. It appears that the major industry movers and shakers still seem determined to continue with their apparent ‘race to the top’ attitude towards pricing. General mainstream prices continue to increase, and in our opinion, do not reflect in anyway the costs of production or getting garments to your door. All too often we see garments that appear to have been priced for the brand name and ‘middleman’ retailer profit, rather than quality, performance and function of the garment. This is not a road we wish to go down and is the reason why we only sell all our garments direct to the public through our website and eBay store. Putting it simply, we believe in making prices as low as possible for our customers, whilst ensuring excellent garment quality and performance, along with a sustainable profit margin for the business. With the new bib knicker prices at £39.99, both socks at £5.99 and the aero gloves at £12.99 (all of which includes free delivery) we really do hope this demonstrates our commitment to this belief. The new aero gloves are a perfect example. If you have a spare minute, Google ‘aero cycling gloves’ and press the shopping option. You’ll find a range of prices, generally starting at £25 and finishing around £40. Now that’s for relatively simple and straightforward fingerless glove. No high-tech production methods, complex design process or space age fabrics to inflate the cost. At £12.99 we believe our price is not only very sensible, but reflects the true cost of producing the glove, getting a pair to your door and some reasonable and sustainable profit to run and grow the brand. There’s also the blindingly obvious fact that a pair of lycra backed, strapless fingerless cycling gloves, unless encrusted with diamonds, should cost £25, nevermind £40!!!

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